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Want to to know more about treadmills?

Posted April 18, 2013


Hi there from Hannah! I love running and here are the tips I think are useful for anyone who intends to run and live a healthy life. You should pay attention to the following instructions to prevent injury while using Sole F80 Treadmills. No children (12 years and under) are allowed on the treadmill. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program that involves the use of a treadmill. No jumping on the treadmill. Do not put or drop anything in the openings of the treadmill. Only one person may use the treadmill at a time.


Beginning Your Workout

1. Please ensure that you are wearing athletic clothing.

2. Proper footwear (running shoes) must be worn at all times.  Shoelaces should be securely tied to prevent laces becoming loose or untied during workout.

3. Place your feet on the foot bars of the treadmill, straddling the belt as shown in the photograph.

4. Enter in your exercise program with the speed starting at 0 km/hr.

5. Clip the safety key tether securely to your clothing.This ensures that if you slip or accidently lose your footing that the safety key will be pulled offand the treadmill belt will automatically stop moving.

6. Now step off the foot bars and place your feet in the middle of the treadmill belt.  You may now press start to begin your exercise program and gradually increase the speed, until you are moving at a comfortable pace.

7. Use the handrails for balance only.  If you find yourself needing to hold the handrails during your workout, then you will need to decrease the speed of the treadmill.

8. Keep your eyes focused straight ahead of you during your workout.  Moving your head and looking elsewhere may cause you to lose you balance.

9. If you need to interrupt your workout to use the washroom or get something please use the pause button or the emergency stop button to ensure the belt on the treadmill is not left in motion.

10. Please immediately stop your workout by hitting the emergency stop button if you feel any sort of physical discomfort(dizziness, shortness of breath or pain) and consult your physician.

11. When ending your workout please slow down the treadmill gradually until it stops moving.  Never jump off the treadmill while the belt is moving.

12.  If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.


Here are a couple of tips you can follow if you do run on a treadmill:

1. Don’t forget to hydrate:
You can lose even more water running on a treadmill then you would if you were running outside, since there’s little air resistance to help to keep you cool. Keep a bottle of water within your reach.

2. Don’t look down:
I know it’s hard not to continually look to see how much time or distance you have left, but if you’re looking down, your running form will suffer. Don’t stare at your feet either. You’re likely to run hunched over, which could lead to back and neck pain. Looking straight ahead is the safest way to run, whether you’re on the treadmill or running outside.

3. Don’t lean forward:
Make sure to keep your body upright. It’s not necessary to lean forward because the treadmill pulls your feet backward. You need to pull your feet from the belt before they are driven away by the belt.

4. Pay attention to your stride:
Keep your stride quick and short to help minimize the impact transferred to your legs. Try to maintain a mid-foot strike to make sure you’re not heel striking and sending shock to your knees. You may need to exaggerate the heel lift because the lack of forward momentum means your feet won’t be moving in a circular path.

5. Don't forget your cool down.
It's also easy to hop off the treadmill when your workout is done and your heart rate is elevated. Spend 5 minutes doing a slow jog or walk at the end of your run and allow your heart rate to go below 100 bpm (beats per minute) before you get off. Cooling down will help prevent dizziness or the feeling that you're still moving when you step off the treadmill.

Running outside may give you the best edge because when you’re training for a race, your body gets used to road running for long distances and you get used to running different types of terrain that you will encounter, which are the techniques for adapting your style of running to this environment.

Treadmills are great training devices, especially during the rainy, winter months when it’s easy to use the cold weather as an excuse not to run. Treadmills have many advantages. The greatest advantage is that they are used indoors in a controlled environment. The treadmill runner does not have to be concerned with weather, traffic lights, or safety concerns. Treadmills allow you to jog, run, sprint, climb hills, and resistance train by easily and accurately varying grade and speed.

So, the next time you want to use the treadmill for your next run, before you get on, listen to some music or turn on the TV to pass the time. Trust me, you will be glad you did.


Posted March 12, 2013

Just a bit about my childhood

My dear friends, do you still remember how your choldhood passed by ? Maybe some of you will say no, nor do I .It is a difficult question remaining me of the memories of happiness and also sadness. In the past, I thought that I would never grow up. I would be a litter girl forever. I would be always in my childhood and I never thought anything else.

But the days came.I still remembered that the first time when I was called madam by strangers,the first time when I had to buy a ticket for adults, the first time when I went shopping with my friends but not my parents,the first time when I had my own secret ,the first time when I realized my responsibility .So many so many first times ,it comes to me that my childhood had passed by via these routes.

I sat on the ground to find out whether there were any footprints left by my childhood. To my great disappointment , I found nothing . My heart felt lost. Then I recognized my childhood was a naughty boy .On the journey of my growing-up,he sliped away without any footprints or sounds .He made faces in the shadow while you are sighing at his missing.

Once poured ,water cannot be taken back again.It is just the same.While the passed childhood can be still callde up,dreamt of and talked about at any moment ,it cannot come back again .According to Bing Xin,the childhood is th smile with tears when one loses himself in his memory.Though my childhood leaves me many memories of sadness ,Iwould like to keep it in mind.It is nonsense getting lost in your memorise while you cannot go back to the old times.So I should not fall into the habit of missing my childhood .What I can do now is to appreciate every minute of each day and live life to the fullest.

Thanks to childhood , it brings me the memories of happiness and sadness.Thanks to childhood , it brings me the best times of my life . Thanks to childhood ,it brings me to the first step to watch this world.




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